123creative.com releases DivineSun ES2 Soundset

128 Presets for All Types of Dance Music
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123creative.com has released DivineSun ES2 Soundset.

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DivineSun ES2 Soundset contains 128 presets that can be used in all types of Dance music including Trance, House & Electro. You will receive over 60+ Lead sound presets, 20+ Pads, 16 Bass, 17 EFX & Risers plus much more.

All the sounds you hear in this demo were produced only with the ES2 Presets included in the SoundSet and logic’s built-in plugins (reverb, delay etc).

• Format: *.pst (Synth Soundset)
• Requires: Apple Logic Pro ES2

Limited Introductory price: 11.00 €
Price: 15.00 €

Patch Name Type
BS-Beast_DD Bass
BS-Big Room_DD Bass
BS-Boogie_DD Bass
BS-Burned_DD Bass
BS-Chaplin_DD Bass
BS-Dirty_DD Bass
BS-Disto_DD Bass
BS-Hermit_DD Bass
BS-MegaDrive_DD Bass
BS-Mooger_DD Bass
BS-Ninja_DD Bass
BS-Power to the People_DD Bass
BS-Rider_DD Bass
BS-Rocky_DD Bass
BS-Rubber Ducky_DD Bass
BS-Trance_DD Bass
CHD-Kyau&Albert_DD Chord
CHD-Mad House_DD Chord
CHD-Rain_DD Chord
CHD-The Nugget_DD Chord
CHD-Tritonal_DD Chord
DR-HiHat_DD Drum
DR-Kick 2_DD Drum
DR-Kick_DD Drum
DR-Snare_DD Drum
DR-Sub Kick_DD Drum
DR-Tom_DD Drum
EFX-4 Bar Shuffle_DD EFX
EFX-Continue?_DD EFX
EFX-PistolWhip_DD EFX
EFX-Run Away!_DD EFX
EFX-Signal Jam_DD EFX
LD-_Depictions Of Sound_DD Lead
LD-Arty_DD Lead
LD-Atmospheres_DD Lead
LD-Bad Boy_DD Lead
LD-BartClaessen_DD Lead
LD-Bleep_DD Lead
LD-Blue Fear_DD Lead
LD-Brandt_DD Lead
LD-Brandy_DD Lead
LD-Broken Trumpets_DD Lead
LD-Chase the Star_DD Lead
LD-Chopsticks_DD Lead
LD-Cry me a river_DD Lead
LD-Damage_DD Lead
LD-DanStone_DD Lead
LD-Dash Berlin_DD Lead
LD-Disturbia_DD Lead
LD-DivineSun_DD Lead
LD-Drunkard Punk_DD Lead
LD-Fireplace_DD Lead
LD-Flatline_DD Lead
LD-Garuda_DD Lead
LD-Hard Life_DD Lead
LD-Hooze_DD Lead
LD-iES2_DD Lead
LD-JochenMiller_DD Lead
LD-Joyenergizer_DD Lead
LD-Kamaya Painters_DD Lead
LD-Lethal_DD Lead
LD-Liberace_DD Lead
LD-M.U.S.H_DD Lead
LD-Mau5_DD Lead
LD-MegaByte_DD Lead
LD-O'Bir_DD Lead
LD-Organist_DD Lead
LD-Piano_DD Lead
LD-Pristine_DD Lead
LD-Second Wave_DD Lead
LD-Sheen_DD Lead
LD-Sick Sync_DD Lead
LD-Slip&Slide_DD Lead
LD-Sparkle_DD Lead
LD-Squared_DD Lead
LD-Strawberry Fields_DD Lead
LD-Sunrise_DD Lead
LD-The Blizzard_DD Lead
LD-Tiesto's Adagio_DD Lead
LD-Tuvan_DD Lead
PD-Base Saw_DD Pad
PD-Beauty_DD Pad
PD-Big Cat_DD Pad
PD-Brassed off_DD Pad
PD-Bubblebee_DD Pad
PD-Clearance_DD Pad
PD-Cosmos_DD Pad
PD-Don't FM Me!!!_DD Pad
PD-Drone_DD Pad
PD-Fat PWM Strings_DD Pad
PD-Hands in the AIr_DD Pad
PD-M6_DD Pad
PD-Mod Me_DD Pad
PD-OpenAir_DD Pad
PD-Rank1_DD Pad
PD-Sabertooth_DD Pad
PD-SciFi_DD Pad
PD-Silverlining_DD Pad
PD-Tenshi_DD Pad
PD-Wobble_DD Pad
PD-Wrong Turn_DD Pad
PLK-Lets Clav It_DD Pluck
PLK-Pizzicato_DD Pluck
PLK-Sandy_DD Pluck
PLK-Square As_DD Pluck
PLK-Wave_DD Pluck
PLK-Whack Ass MoFo_DD Pluck
RSR-Accelerator_DD Riser
RSR-Chopper_DD Riser
RSR-Driver_DD Riser
RSR-Dubai_DD Riser
RSR-Ratty_DD Riser
RSR-Ripper_DD Riser
RSR-Whiner_DD Riser
RSR-Womp_DD Riser
SEQ-1990's_DD Sequence
SEQ-Alarmist_DD Sequence
SEQ-Arbitrary_DD Sequence
SEQ-Hardy Boyz_DD Sequence
SEQ-LFO Tech_DD Sequence
SEQ-Tinkerbell_DD Sequence
SEQ-WaveyDavey_DD Sequence
Init Patch_DD Initialised Patch

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