123creative.com Releases Future IDM Glitch Sample Pack

Abstract Melodics, Hits, Basses, Glitch-Shots and More
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123creative.com has released Future IDM Glitch Sample pack in cooperation with Electronisounds. GENRES: Glitch, Deep Dubstep, IDM, Leftfield, Abstract Electronic, Breaks, DUB, Trip Hop, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Downtempo, Breakbeat, Industrial, Minimal

Future IDM Glitch Sample pack fills a much needed void for samples in this abstract style of Electronic music genres and subgenres.

Supplied in a uniform tempo of 140BPM and tuning (Aminor) this pack is easy to use and versatile, bringing you abstract melodics, hits, basses, glitch-shots, tuned and vocoded rhythm chunks, tuned vocal cuts and much more.

The samples are gritty, complex, layered, warm, abstract, emotive, textured, and saturated.

The loops range from extremely abstract and glitched-out to more traditional Deep Dubstep, IDM and EDM sequences. There is plenty of room for you to add your own special "glitch" touches. The One-Shots section loads you up with extremely creative sounds for you to program your own original patterns and grooves with.

All sounds, loops, fragments and rhythms have been painstakingly crafted and expertly edited to get together in such an organic and homogenous way. These sounds were made with seriously unique, in-depth and experimental sound design techniques.

Without giving away my secrets, you could say that the melodics were processed rhythmically and the rhythmics were processed melodically.


Pack content:
• glitched drum
• percussion loops
• melodic loops
• deeply glitched combo loops
• rhythmic glitch cuts
• one-shot kicks, snares, hats, percussion, vocal cuts and melodic one-shots.

Product Specifications:
• 632 Samples in total
• Stereo 24-Bit WAV quality
• All loops at 140 BPM
• All loops and rhythmic elements are kay and tempo labeled.

Included Formats:
• *.WAV, *.SFZ
• Compatible with all DAWs.

Introductory price: 17.50 €
Price: 23.50 €

More info / Demosong: