123creative.com Releases Rock and Metal Boutique

Collection of 7 Pedals / Stompboxes and 2 Universal Combos
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123creative.com releases Rock & Metal Boutique – collection of 7 pedals / stompboxes and 2 universal combos in cooperation with G-Sonique engineers.

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G-Sonique: Rock & Metal Boutique pedals are designed according to most popular rock and metal pedals from 80s, 90s 00s and using classic G-Sonique technology of recreation of real analog circuits in virtual world. If you think most virtual pedals sounding digital/flat, try this analog juice. Virtual COMBOs / AMPs were designed according to most popular rock and metal combos with using microphone recording, analyse and impulses from these devices + recreation of amplification circuit in virtual circuit design.

- RECTAH AMP – Based on famoust vacuum tube metal amp / combo, heavy/fat and aggressive sound, but also very pleasant for ears

- ROCK AMP – Based on worldwide most popular classic rock combo

Pedals / virtual stompboxes:

- Dirty rodent: Inspired by most popular rock / metal pedal used in dirty 80s and 90s

- F.O.D. Overdrive: Analog overdirve with very full, yet soft and pleasant sound

- XTR Distortion: Based on classic rock pedal, with very sharp treble sound, but with incredible analog feeling

- Brutal assault: Heavy metal energy, nu-skool sound perfect also for nu-metal, industrial etc.

- FUZZ 952: Full analog sounding FUZZ effect, based on classic pedal circuit design

- Full distortion: Based on universal rock/metal analog pedal distortion

Introductory price for first 100 customers: 16.90 €
Standard price: 28.90 €

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Demo version (available without installation)