2CAudio Announces Breeze

Breeze is a true-stereo reverb optimized for ease of use and efficiency.
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2CAudio announces Breeze, a pristine true-stereo reverb optimized for ease of use and efficiency.

Breeze offers an innovative, minimalist GUI design that focuses on communicating the most important preset information to the user, and summarizing this information graphically in two intuitive graphical displays. Macro controls combine many complex, behind-the-scenes DSP parameters into a compact set of nine knobs and four sliders. Parameter ranges and scaling are optimized to make it almost impossible to create a bad-sounding preset. Signal gain has been balanced to the point of making the need to adjust the gain control almost obsolete, leaving users with one less thing to worry about and free to focus on more important details.

Breeze has been highly optimized to reduce CPU usage as compared to Aether and other products in the market. Breeze is perfect for laptop use and live performances. When used with current top-of-the-line studio workstations, over 500 instances of the plug-in can be run in real time depending on settings.

Breeze has an MSRP of $149.95. All plug-in formats are included at this price. A special holiday introduction price of $99.95 is available until the end of the year. This offer expires January 1, 2011. Visit the Breeze product page for more information.