4ms Dual Looping Delay

Transform time and space with this Eurorack module
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Modular synths and loopers are a natural pairing: It seems like a no-brainer to build one directly into a module, as long as it provides easy-to-use, real-time control. That’s exactly what 4ms delivers in the Dual Looping Delay (DLD).

Designed in collaboration with Gary Hall (creator of the Lexicon PCM42), the DLD has two mono channels that can be used together or independently to capture nearly three minutes of audio in each. Among the many ways it can be configured are mono in/stereo out and as a dual-input cascading delay. Each channel has Hold and Reverse capabilities, as well as an insert for processing the delayed signal externally. Plus, you have CV control over a number of parameters, including Feedback, Time, and Delay Feed.

Once you’ve captured a loop, you can use a CV to scrub it. And if you’re a fan of synchronized delay effects, simply send the DLD a clock and enjoy the ride.