4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator

Bandpass filtering like you've never seen it before
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4MS took the classic voltage-controlled spectral filter concept to new heights with a set of innovative features that make the Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR) one of the most musically satisfying synth modules available. Once we began patching it, we knew it was an award winner.

The SMR has six resonant bandpass filters, each independently tunable with control over level and resonance. Use Rotate to move through 20 filter frequencies for each fader and soften the transitions using the Morph function. You can also modulate the distance between the intervals using Spread and Nudge, and divide them between a pair of audio outputs (one for the even-number channels, the other for the odd numbered ones). The module comes with a variety of traditional and exotic scales, with space available to save your own. Use one scale across all six frequency bands, or assign each band its own scale.

The SMR is capable of beat-synchronized harmonizing, vocoding, and so much more, yet it remains simple to use. Morphing clouds of chords and resonant percussion timbres—it’s all here. This is one Eurorack module you’ll come back time and again.