5-CD Genre Bundles

Sony has created some five-CD bundles from their “Standard Collection” library of sample CDs: Danceteria, Eclectica, Rock Shop, Smooth Like That, and Boom Box Hip-Hop. Each bundle contains roughly 2.5GB of loops.
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Since being acquired by Sony, it seems the former Sonic Foundry loop library is showing love for audio-for-video types — consider bundles like these, Chicago Fire, and the Sound Effects series. Musicians often make their own loops, then buy individual sample CDs to solve specific problems; video people need highly customizable “library” music that covers as many bases as possible.

So, do these bundles let you do a complete production in the given style? Except for Eclectica, which is more like a “fill in the blank spaces in your library” bundle, well, yes. The rock bundle is particularly fitting, with drums, guitars, bass, and organ — a “virtual backup band.” The hip-hop collection is mix ’n’ match-ready construction kits, and the dance and jazz collections also have the needed elements. All CDs exhibit the excellent acidization that’s characteristic of Sony’s libraries.

Do the math, and it’s about $38 a CD — not much better than the $40 à la carte price. But you get convenience, and a solid selection.