8DIO Piccolo Flute Virtuoso

Produced by Emmy Nominated Composer, Colin O’Malley
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About Piccolo Flute Virtuoso

Welcome to our new Claire Virtuoso Woodwind series produced by Emmy Nominated Composer, Colin O’Malley. The Claire Woodwind Series is a deep-sampled collection of the finest virtuoso woodwind soloists ever sampled. These are highly playable instruments soared with true emotion, effortless and equilibristic behavior.

The Claire Piccolo Virtuoso is perhaps the sweetest thing we have ever sampled. It is everything you would want from the Piccolo and more. Expressive, Clean, Beautiful and Playable. The Piccolo Virtuoso was recorded in a symphonic hall and contains three microphone positions (Close, Decca, Wide).

The core of the instrument is its highly advanced legato system, which contains both lyrical and strong legato. The legato system allows you to play legato with passionate arcs and sustains. We recorded arcs with both light, medium and strong vibrato, so you can freely sculpt your performance from the subtle to vibrant. In addition we also added trills, runs, staccattissimo, marcato and even non-tonal effects like breaths, valve sounds and natural click noises etc.


  • Price: $99 (goes $139 on July 1st 2014)
  • Hyper Expressive & Playable Classical Piccolo Flute
  • 96Khz / 3 Microphone Positions (Close, Decca, Wide)
  • Direct download / Cloud Server System
  • Product only available as download

Core Specifications:

  • Deep-Sampled Virtuoso Piccolo Flute / ultra hi-def (96Khz)
  • Recorded in symphonic hall w/ 3 mics (Close, Decca, Wide)
  • Lyrical and Strong Legato Patches
  • Arcs, Marcato, Runs & Sustains
  • Staccatissimo and Trills

Core Requirements:

  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.3 or later required
  • 5.0GB hard drive space (loss-less compression from +10GB)
  • Ability to download
  • PC 2.4GZ+, 4GB ram
  • MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB ram

Listen to an example here: http://8dio.com/?mc_cid=eabc9dffb3&mc_eid=6925a781fb#instrument/piccolo-flute-virtuoso/