A Midyear Review


In the past six months, we have covered a lot of new ground. Inaddition to our usual in-depth stories about music technology, wehave expanded our coverage of music production for the Web andexplored the world of 5.1-surround mixing. We've launchedRemix and Onstage as monthly magazines, and ourWeb site has undergone a radical redesign. This midyear editorialcolumn seems like a good place to pause and reflect.

For the most part, I think we've done well. Our coverage ofmusic production for the Web has been well received, and we plan todo a lot more. Surround mixing is still somewhat bleeding edge forpersonal-studio owners, but musicians need to stay informed aboutthis important development, so we're going to keep forgingahead.

I am delighted with Remix, which has delivered itspromise of providing a quality technical magazine for undergroundmusic production and DJ performance. Remix editor ChrisGill has done a superb job of keeping his finger on the pulse ofthe electronic-music world.

I'm also proud of the work Onstage editors Mike Levine,Barry Cleveland, and Chris Kelsey have done. They've deliveredquality interviews with major artists, emphasizing ideas performingmusicians can use. In addition, the editors provide accuratehands-on reviews and practical technical articles for musicians whoplay live.

The Web site redesign has been another matter. My sincere thanksto those who have written to us offering suggestions. Your input ishelpful and is being taken seriously. We're still striving to makewww.emusician.com what we wantit to be, including addressing issues such as the article archivesand audio and video example files. Hopefully, by the time you readthis, we'll have started making the necessary changes.

Speaking of Web sites, our parent company, Intertec, has added anew feature to all of its sites. Starting with this issue, you willsee as many as three items in “What's New” marked witha new icon that says “Demo Room.” That indicates that amanufacturer-supplied demo video for the product is available inthe new Demo Room section of www.emusician.com. The number of Demo Roomproducts will vary from issue to issue, but we hope to offer atleast one each month. Manufacturers can also purchase space in theDemo Room to show videos. Those paid videos are essentiallyadvertisements and are not reviewed by the editors; the editorsonly select the Demo Room videos mentioned in “What'sNew.”

We've also added something new to the print magazine. Startingwith this issue, any product reviewed in “Quick Picks”that earns a perfect score of 5 in the Overall rating will beawarded our new Hot Picks icon, which will be placed at the end ofthe review. We are chary about awarding perfect scores, so when yousee a Hot Picks icon, you know we have found the product to betruly exceptional.

I have one other change to announce. Unfortunately, long-timetechnical editor (and my close friend) Scott Wilkinson is moving onto greener pastures. Scott has contributed immeasurably toEM's success, and we'll miss him.