A Revolution Crops Up in the Fields of Jamaica, Iowa

Matthew Sepanic, producer and engineer (The Envy Corps, Slipknot, Murderdolls), has recently erected one of the largest and most unique studios in the Midwest.Sound Farm Studio & Recording Environment is a 6000 square foot full-service studio and production facility with an attached residence available for the musicians comfort. Services offered range from music production, mastering and mixing to recording and engineering. The space can easily support any type of musician including groups, bands, instrumentalists and solo vocalists.

Centering on original music production, Sound Farm provides a unique, creative environment while offering clientele seclusion to focus on their efforts. Spacious "iso" booths and thirty-foot, cathedral ceilings, make even the live room grand enough to seat a full orchestra. With every room wired for recording possibilities, this musician's playground provides an acoustic pallet of limitless sonic possibilities. "We wanted it to have the most comfortable feel possible," Matt Sepanic states, "Every single room in the residence is wired for recording if needed. The artists can record in the middle of the night if they want to and be only 30 feet from their bedrooms."

Sound Farm Studio & Recording Environment also delights businesses in need of commercial production recording services for radio, web, film and television including post-production, voiceover, ADR, Foley and original audio/media styles. Sound Farm also provides a writing team to create custom musical scores and compositions available for any product, service entity or web-based application.

Sound Farm continues the revolution by recognizing the much-needed comforts of the contemporary client. Sprawling rural studio space includes an attached residence complete with four guest rooms (sleeps 11), turn-down service, living room, lounge, full bath, kitchen, Wi-Fi, satellite, 55" HD television, XBOX 360 and catering. The clean lines and warm colors of the mission-style decor allow for an unobstructed work environment while soaking in the visual sanctuary that is Sound Farm Studio & Recording Environment.

Matt Sepanic recently co-produced and engineered The Envy Corps debut album, Dwell which is due to be released in August 2007 on Mercury UK/ Vertigo Records. The band recorded and resided at Sound Farm in late 2006 and early 2007. Their fist single Wires and Wool broke on Tuesday, June 19. The Envy Corps recently played a memorable and attention grabbing set, at the historic Glastonbury Festival 2007. Q magazine-Glastonbury daily paper said; "The Envy Corps are The Next Big Thing, Catch them now before they're huge."they are currently touring alongside label mates The Killers throughout the UK and the United States.

Sound Farm Studio & Recording Environment; delivering world class proficiency and recording services wrapped in a blanket of Midwest hospitality.