Ableton Live(2)

OBJECTIVE:Insert a multi-timbral VST soft synth into Ableton Live, and trigger sounds in specific channels from MIDI Track clips.BACKGROUND:Although Ableton Live can accommodate multi-timbral synths, the process of inserting a synth and driving specific sounds from specific tracks takes a little bit of setup. Here’s the procedure.
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1. Create a MIDI track by going Insert > Insert MIDI Track, typing Ctrl-Shift-T, or right-clicking in the Clip/Device Drop Area and selecting “Insert MIDI Track.”

2. Insert the instrument (or instrument rack) by dragging it from the browser into the Track View Selector. The instrument now “lives” in the MIDI track you created, and the track has an audio output so you can hear it.

3. To simplify the upcoming track assignments, rename the MIDI instrument track by right-clicking on the Track name, selecting Rename, and typing in the name of the instrument.

4. Create another MIDI track (this picture shows what happens when you right-click in the Clip/Device Drop Area to create a track).

5. Assign the new MIDI track’s Output Type (“MIDI To”) to the instrument you named in step 3.

6. Assign the same track’s Output Channel (“Track In”) to the channel that corresponds to the sound you want this track to trigger.

7. Repeat steps 4–6 for each track that you need to drive a MIDI channel in the instrument.


In step 2, because dragging in an instrument causes the track to produce an audio output, this output does not get assigned to any instrument MIDI channel. The other MIDI tracks “feed” MIDI data to this instrument.