Ableton Offers SonArte Bundle

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From July 30th to August 15th, SonArte‘s acclaimed Sound Objects and Crystal Sounds collections are available as a bundle from the Ableton webshop for just EUR 79 / USD 99 - a savings of over 40%. These libraries feature an array of out-of-the-ordinary audio material ranging from sampled crystal glasses to the contents of a hardware store and many more unusual, yet surprisingly versatile sounds.

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Crystal Sounds + Sound Objects - A must-have bundle for composers and sound designers

The Crystal Sounds library is composed of two main instruments: a Cristal Baschet – a “sonorous sculpture“ with a haunting timbre, and a large variety of crystal glasses. All the sampled material has been captured with a wide range of attacks and dynamics and then expertly sculpted into a versatile selection of pads, percussion, voice-like textures and more for a total of 177 presets and three Live Sets.

Sound Objects is a collection of sampled percussive and bowed objects chosen for their complex and unusual harmonics. The library includes sampled saw blades, hangers, plumbing pipes, ceramic tiles, gardening forks, metal sheets, rods and more. A variety of Asian cymbals and gongs, plus a selection of tubular bells round out the collection. All Sound Objects were sampled with various attacks, up to five dynamic levels and virtually no room tone for maximum versatility – 359 presets and 30 Live Sets are included.

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