About Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician is the #1 magazine for musicians recording and producing music in a home or personal studio. EM is the industry’s leading publication

Electronic Musician is the #1 magazinefor musicians recording and producing music in a home or personalstudio.


is the industry’s leading publication on developments andtechniques in music-production technology. EM covers recordingand live-performance gear, electronic musical instruments, andmusic-production hardware and software. Features and columns provide astrong focus on comprehensive product reviews, applications, andtechniques.

EM’s 16-year commitment to editorial excellence featuresmonthly columns and articles about cutting-edge technology,applications, techniques, and reviews written by our esteemed editorialstaff. EM’s “Front Page,“ with renowned editorSteve Oppenheimer discusses the vibe and relevance of industry trends.Additional editorial elements include "What’s New," the latestinstruments, technology, hardware, and software; “VintagePage,“ the acquistion and use of vintage equipment; “WebPage,“ information and opinions about the latest Webtechnologies; “Master Class,“ product-specific techniquesand applications, and “Tech Page,“ new developments inaudio technology.

Watch for the annual Editors’ Choice Awards in the January issue!In the biggest issue of the year, EMeditors, authors, andtrusted colleagues choose the year’s top products in categoriesranging from Ancillary Hardware to Most Innovative Product.Electronic Musician and its three annual publications, thePersonal Studio Buyer’s Guide, the Digital HomeKeyboard Guide, and the Desktop Music Production Guidereflect our “more core“ concept: targeting core buyers inthe music-technology and live-performance markets through a network ofbroad-based publications.