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About the Musician''s Hotel

The Musician''s Hotel provides hands-on access to the technology and equipment used to create music via artist presentations and demonstrations, workshops, clinics and discussion. The experts at Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix puts the tools of the trade into the hands of the end user and provides sponsors with acess to these users they may not find elsewhere.
Primary content is sponsored by industry leaders like Shure, Mackie, Guitar Center. Live performance events at the Musician''s Hotel feature leading artists demonstrating different genres while using current gear on the market.

Partnership opportunities include Title Partner, Technology Partner, Gift Bag insert, Beverage Sponsor, and Party/Events sponsor; additional options will be available at various events throughout the year. Contact your Mix, Electronic Musician or Remix salesperson for sponsorship packages and information.

General inquiries about the Musician''s Hotel can be emailed to: musicianshotel@primediabusiness.com
The Musician''s Hotel is a production of Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix magazines.

About Mix magazine
For over 25 years Mix has led the industry in bringing cutting edge technology and news to audio pros. Mix delivers complete coverage of all aspects of professional audio, from music production to post and sound reinforcement, and includes the most esteemed editors and writers in the industry. Mix offers a qualified audience of audio pros and is a trusted resource among loyal readers. www.mixonline.com

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About Electronic Musician magazine
Electronic Musician is the #1 magazine in the U.S. for musicians recording and producing music in a home or personal studio environment. EM editorial focuses on music-production technology and techniques for musicians, including coverage of recording and live-performance equipment, electronic musician instruments, and music production hardware and software. EM provides comprehensive product news and reviews on the latest equipment and services. www.emusician.com

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About Remix magazine
Remix educates DJs, engineers, producers, and performers of electronic music about the latest applications and new products specific to the electronic and urban music markets. Remix is the premier consumer magazine in North America dedicated 100 percent to the tools, techniques, and production styles of electronic and urban artists. www.remixmag.com

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