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Access Music has a number of new announcements. To begin with, the company has announced the Virus PowerCore (Mac/Win; VST, AU) for the TC Electronic

New Virus sound sets have been released. Created by Per KristianRisvik, Peter Schelfhout, and Stefan Weiland, the sets include“Classic Analog Synth” instruments and electric-organemulations, as well as sounds that fit the electronica genre.On a final note, Access has released a free loop collection forApple's GarageBand. The 40 MB collection features arpeggiator patterns,filter flows, and pads exclusively generated with a Virus Csynthesizer. The loops are royalty free and can be used in commercialproductions without an additional license. The Access Virus looppackage can be downloaded free of charge here. ( read the EM review of the Access Virus C, clickhere.

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Access Music has a number of new announcements. To begin with, thecompany has announced the Virus PowerCore (Mac/Win; VST, AU) for the TCElectronic PowerCore PCI and PowerCore FireWire DSP card. Based on theVirus engine, the plug-in offers 16 voices, two parallel multimodefilters, and a modulation matrix. The synth engine offers threeoscillators, a sub-oscillator, three LFOs, two multistage envelopes,and multi-effects. Most parameters can be synched to an incoming clocksignal, and the effects parameters can be adjusted in real-time.

The Virus PowerCore patch management system gives you control overthousands of patches, organized in an automatically createdhierarchical menu. The file format is the same Standard MIDI File usedby the hardware Viruses. The instrument also includes an Easy Page,which consolidates the most important parameters on one page.

In other news, Access has released OS 4.9 for it's discontinuedVirus B-series instruments, and OSR 2.2 for the Virus Classic Rack.Both upgrades include the PureTuning feature, an adaptive tuningprocess (first introduced in the Virus C) which calculates a "purescale" based on a played chord in real-time. In addition, there are 24new arpeggiator patterns. These include Reggae Style/Offbeat patternsand Acid Style patterns, which complement each other. The new operatingsystems can be downloaded for free from Access Music Web site.(

Access has announced that SoundDiver Virus is now availablefor Mac OS X. SoundDiver Virus, an editor/librarian, is also availablefor Windows 95 and XP, as well as Mac OS 9. The application isavailable for free from the Access Music Web site.