Acoustica Announces the Release of Spin It Again 2.1 LP to CD Converter!

Acoustica is proud to announce the release of Spin It Again version 2.1, a powerful yet easy to use program designed to convert vinyl LPs and cassette tapes to CD, MP3, and iPod. Spin It Again makes the process of recording your LPs and cassettes very simple, with fully automatic music track detection and noise reduction. It will clean recordings by getting rid of click and pop record noise, or by removing hiss and hum off old cassette recordings. Your records and tapes have never sounded this good!

Version 2.1 offers many new features that build on the success of Spin It Again 1.0, including input monitoring and online album lookup features. Spin It Again is now compatible with any USB record player, or any audio device that does not allow direct audio monitoring. With Spin It Again's powerful new online album lookup feature, you can download track names and other album information from an online database -- no more typing! Plus, track information can be typed in and downloaded at any time during the recording process. Plus, downloaded track times are now used to improve the track detection process. Other new features include full Windows Vista compatibility, per-track volume controls, and more!

"Spin It Again is a very popular and successful program for us," says Dan Goldstein, Senior Vice President of Development for Acoustica. "Our customers love the ease of use and immediate results. Most people can't believe how great their records and tapes sound once they are recorded and cleaned with Spin It Again. Our advanced audio restoration technology makes the recordings sound better than the original medium ever did. We are incredibly excited to announce Spin It Again 2.1, which makes the process of recording your records and tapes even easier than before. Our customers are particularly pleased with the online album lookup system and improved track detection features. Now even those difficult non-stop live albums can be perfectly split into tracks."

Larry Bohannon, a Spin It Again user from Alabama, writes, "Wow, what a great product. I have over 300 albums that are out of print. If I could find them, it would cost me a ton of money to buy them all on CD. Now, all I have to do is convert them using Spin Again. It's simple to install and really user friendly. Plus, the sound quality is top notch! It's well worth the money. Thanks!"

A free trial of Spin It Again (limited to 3 recordings) is available for download at

System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, or Vista.
256 MB Ram
700 MHz CPU
Sound card or USB/Firewire sound device.

Download (ESD) Price $39.95 Retail Price $45.95 Upgrade Pricing is available for eligible users at

All versions include lifetime support.