Adobe Audition

Objective: Use Audition to create test tones that you can use to check the frequency response of various devices in your studio, such as speakers.Background: Audition can generate tones, noise, and DTMF signals. We’ll use that capability to create a sine-wave test tone that sweeps logarithmically from 20Hz to 20kHz over a 20-second period.
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1. Select Edit Waveform View (not Multi-track view).

2. Under the Generate menu, select Tones.

3. Specify the desired sample rate, number of channels, and bit resolution, then click on OK.

4. Click on the Initial Settings tab. Enter 20 Hz for the base frequency, and make sure Modulate By is set to 0Hz. Enter 20 seconds for the duration. The other settings are the defaults, which should be the same as shown here.

5. Click on the Final Settings tab. Leave everything as is except enter 20000Hz for the Base Frequency, 0Hz for Modulate By, and put a check mark in the Log Sweep box. Then, click on OK.

6. Audition generates the test tone within the edit window. Click on Play to hear the sweep.