Adobe Audition(2)

Objective: Get rid of annoying hiss, hum, rumble, and other constant noise sources.Background: Adobe Audition has an outstanding suite of noise reduction tools. With the one described here, you “capture” a sample of the noise you want to remove, and Audition will subtract from your signal only audio that is identical to the sample.


1. Select Edit View, then drag-and-drop the file that needs noise reduction into the workspace (or load the file with the file menu’s “Open” option).

2. Click and drag over a region that contains only the noise you want to remove. Several hundred milliseconds should do.

3. Under the Effects tab, expand the Restoration tree. Double-click on “Capture Noise Reduction.” When the Capture dialog box appears, click on “OK.”

4. Again under the Effects tab, double-click on “Noise Reduction (Process).”

5. Adjust the noise reduction level as desired. Also enter a “Reduce by” setting, typically between 5 and 20dB.

6. Click on Preview to hear the effects of the noise reduction. Click bypass to compare.

7. If the amount of noise reduction is as desired, click on “Select Entire File,” then click on “OK.”


-The defaults work well, but click on the Help button to learn how to get the best combination of noise reduction and natural sound.

-The blue line in the More/Less box is an envelope. Adjust it (add nodes if desired) to shape which frequencies are affected by the noise reduction.