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EM Special Report: Adobe Profiled

Cool Edit Pro Becomes Adobe Audition!
When Adobe Systems purchased Syntrillium Software's technology assets, a new era began to unfold for Cool Edit Pro. Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro has become Adobe Audition. Changes in Adobe's release of the software under its new moniker are primarily cosmetic. More...

2003 Editors Choice:

Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition)

Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (now Adobe Audition) - Audio-Editing Software
The marketplace for multitrack audio programs has always been a cut-throat arena where companies play feature-set leapfrog, trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. With several strong contenders for this year's award, the voting, as expected, was divided. However, when we took a close look at the cost-benefit ratios offered by the programs, one product really stood out: Cool Edit Pro 2.0. More...

Tips & Tricks You Might Have Missed

NOISE Busters
By Gary S. Hall and Oliver Masciarotte
Electronic Musician, Jul 1, 2003
Once the larger pops, clicks, ticks, and zipper noises are removed, you may be able to reduce continuous crackle and distortion. These are the toughest contaminants to remove. Crackle consists of impulsive changes so close together that they can't be identified individually or even distinguished from the signal in many cases. It's really a form of signal distortion. More...

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The Voices Have It
By Jeffrey P. Fisher
Electronic Musician, Dec 1, 2002
Voice-overs are all about conveying information -- think of a documentary movie, an audio book, or a radio spot. When recording spoken-word performances, your job is to craft recordings that sound natural, accurate, and pleasant. Do that and you'll succeed. Voice-over recording requires, at minimum More...