The new AEA TRP2 2-channel ribbon preamp evolves the audio industry's first dedicated ribbon preamp with phantom power capability.


Key Features

 • The TRP2 preamp now includes phantom power. Though ribbon mics are historically passive in design, trends have gradually shifted toward active electronics. Nearly half the microphones in the AEA line require phantom power.

 • The new TRP2 features a 85dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain with a super high-impedance of 63k ohms. This rare combo of clean gain and high-impedance provides your ribbon mics with an unmatched transient response, frequency response, and higher output sensitivity. 

 • The TRP2 is also designed with an internal switch – No Blow mode – which prevents P48 from ever turning on when engaged.

 • The TRP2 comes with a convenient international external switching power supply for easy travel in almost any country. 

 • The half-rack TRP2 is now fully rack-friendly with options for mounting a solo unit or even two units in a single rack space.


R84 Series Microphones

AEA has made it easier and more affordable to own the powerhouse active R84 ribbon mic. The new R84A is the phantom-powered version of the R84 ribbon mic, and it’s everything you’d expect from an active version of the legacy passive R84.

Previously known as the A840, the R84A is a must for artists or engineers who desire the classic R84 sound with an active 12dB boost that allows greater flexibility with various preamps.

Along with its new title, the R84A boasts a lower introductory price point. For the next six months, the MAP price of the R84A drops to $1299, a near $250 discount.


Key Features

• A custom transformer made in Germany, the same one in the NUVO series microphones and the active R44, the A440. This transformer provides the R84A 12dB more output than the passive R84.

• An active buffer board that gives the user the flexibility to pair it with any preamp.

• A lustrous 18-carat gold plated grille and thumb nuts.

• Price: $1299 MAP for six months