AEA R92 Ribbon Mic/TRP Preamp Ultimic Kit Promo Goes to October 22nd

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Audio Engineering Associates, better known as the ribbon mic and preamp specialists AEA, have put together a bundle comprising the R92 passive studio ribbon mic for close-up use; TRP 2-channel preamp for passive ribbons, tube, and moving-coil microphones; and hard case. The boutique company’s social media community helped name the bundle the Ultimic Kit, and it’s now on sale for a discounted price through the 2017 AES New York show: October 22nd, 2017.

The two-channel TRP preamp is an ideal companion to the smooth, near-field R92 microphone, which work together to give a detailed ribbon sound. The “dual-tone” R92 has front and rear pickup lobes with distinct sounds: crisp front-facing tone and smoother rear-facing sound. Users can utilize the R92 from the front or back for different purposes: for example, amps and brass through the front and drums and vocals through the back.

The high input impedance TRP preamplifier activate the R92’s potential with powerful and accurate +83 dB of JFET gain. Use it on other passive ribbons and moving-coil dynamic microphones.

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AEA dealers have two Ultimic Kits available, one with a single R92 mic and another with two R92 mics. The sale will go through October 22nd, 2017, or until supplies last.

The Ultimic Kit with one R92 mic: $1,190 (save $470)
The Ultimic Kit with two R92 mics: $1,890 (save $535)

R92 passive studio ribbon for close-up use feature:
•Same “Big Ribbon,” tuning, and transformer as the R44 series
•For closer applications and louder sources
•Compact design with different front and back tonality
•Versatile for close-up and ambient mic applications
•Particularly well suited for electric guitar, electric bass, and drums

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TRP 2-channel preamp for passive ribbons, tube and moving-coil microphones features:
•Two channels with 81dB of sweet and quiet gain
•Optimized for passive ribbon, tube, and moving coil mics
•“No Load” DC coupled design for extended bass response
•Switchable polarity reverse and high-pass filter

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