AES 2016: Day 1 New Gear Highlights

The Best Software, Monitors, Mics and More from Day 1 of AES 2016
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After the first day of AES 2016, the theme that came to mind was “well-rounded.” We know not to expect new instruments at this pro-audio show, but in years past, it seemed that everything was aimed at mega-studios with giant budgets that we thought didn’t exist anymore. Perhaps they don’t; and perhaps that’s why this year’s AES seems to represent a more well-rounded selection of price points for quality audio gear.

From the undisclosed prices of Ocean Way’s new ribbon mic and studio reference monitors (if you have to ask, you can’t afford it) to SE Electronics new condenser mic and entry into affordable dynamic mikes for live sound, it was not just the prices that represented diversity.

We also saw a satisfying mix of software and hardware. New plug-ins from iZotope, Waves and Soundtoys accompanied significant Pro Tools news. AES is always a wonderland of pro audio hardware, and this year we’re seeing everything from an awesome new QSC digital mixer to BAE’s first-ever effect pedal. And guess what? Folks like those at Focusrite are going to make sure Thunderbolt 2 doesn’t take as long to come down to earth as the original.

Check out our highlights in the slideshow below, and be on the lookout for more from AES 2016.