AES 2016: Post-Show New Gear Highlights

The best of the rest in microphones, preamps, audio interfaces and software from AES 2016.
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By the time AES 2016 had wrapped on Sunday in Los Angeles, we’d seen another group of new technology announcements that solidified the theme of diversity that we’d seen in our highlights from day one.

There was boutique hardware like the ribbon-mic oriented AEA RPQ2 Ribbon Preamp, as well as a 50th Anniversary edition of the least boutique mic ever, the ubiquitous Shure SM58. There were intriguing mid-priced audio recording hard options, such as the MOTU UltraLite-mk4 with on-board DSP, and big news from Focusrite and Waves about the Dante and Soundgrid networked audio platforms.

We’ve learned to expect a little bit of everything in pro audio at the AES traveling roadshow, as well as expecting the unexpected as the pro audio industry continues to change and evolve with the times. Check out our final highlights from AES 2016 below.