Aether, Artifacts (Exponential)

Read the Remix review of Aether's debut album, Artifacts. By Dominic Umile.

Hazy, dizzying debut

As he did on the Wait Til the Ice Melts collection earlier in 2008, Texas'' Diego “Aether” Chavez exhibits veteran musicianship on Artifacts, regardless of its status as his debut full length. No shortage of ghostly vocal trails or chopped violins laces these bleary, DJ Cam-like trips, and Chavez comes out looking pretty good for a (fairly) new kid. Miles from the crowded dancefloor essence of “Orfeu Negro,” “Makeshift Sanctuary” is cloaked and deceptive. It evolves slowly from an overt romantic entanglement with hip-hop in restrained cuts, some piano and thick strings treatment. This enchanting cocktail defines Artifacts, and Chavez''s work, awash in new and old, and leaves us whirling in its wake. [4 out of 5 stars]