Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide Series

 Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide Series Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing  
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 Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide Series Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

Alfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational resources since 1922, announces the distribution of Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide, Books 1 – 3, an instruments and rhythms resource by Kirk Brundage.

From sacred to contemporary settings, the Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide series reveals the culture, instruments, and rhythms from the regions of Salvador, Bahia, and Brazil. Succinct yet comprehensive overviews of the primary rhythm styles are met with historical context of the music and practical information on playing the rhythms in the Books 1: Introduction, Book 2: Carnaval, and Book 3: Candomblé installments.

Book 1: Introduction is an overview of the Afro-Brazilian music styles ranging from its African roots to today’s Carnaval, and includes creative applications for congas and drumset. Book 2: Carnaval is a look at modern Carnaval groups, their powerful rhythms, and how those beats fit into the contemporary pop music style known as axé-music. Book 3: Candomblé focuses on the African roots of Brazilian music with rich historical information of the sacred rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé.

Every book in the Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide series features a review of regional instruments, carefully transcribed drum notation including explanatory performance notes, a variety of feel exercises, and suggestions for group setup and creating your own arrangements. The series is a culmination of over 10 years of the author’s research trips to the South American region—including extensive studies and performances with several leading indigenous Carnaval groups—making for a keen insight into Afro-Brazilian music, set in a clear and helpful format and appropriate for all skill level musicians.

The Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide, Books 1 – 3 are now available for $15.99 each at music retail stores and at