AIR Music Technology Announces Ignite Version 1.2

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AIR Music Technology has released Version 1.2 of their recently introduced Ignite music creation software. Offering an entirely unique approach to making music with computers, Ignite v1.2 adds over a dozen features and enhancements, while delivering seamless integration with a growing list of top-name controller hardware from Alesis, AKAI professional, and M-Audio.

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Ignite provides an original and musician-centric way to craft music. Free of the constraints of traditional DAW software, Ignite allows musical ideas to be quickly captured, combined, and arranged—with professional results. With Ignite v1.2, improvements have been made to the intuitive graphic interface. The Arranger screen now makes it simple to duplicate ideas (called Clips), encouraging experimentation. The timeline graphics have been updated, and other workflow enhancements have been added to advance the user experience.

"The response so far has been tremendous, with over 25,000 users having already downloaded Ignite. We've been getting a steady flow of feedback, some of which we have already used to drive the improvements in Version 1.1 and 1.2. Customers have started to post and share music they have created using Ignite," said Samara Winterfeld, Principal Product Manager for AIR Music Technology. "We are thrilled with the response Ignite has received from our M-Audio customers and are equally excited to bring the same level of integration to Akai and Alesis customers."

From day one, Ignite has offered seamless integration with M-Audio keyboard controllers, eliminating any time-consuming mapping and set-up chores. Ignite v1.2 now supports twelve popular Alesis and AKAI Professional keyboard controllers with this same plug-and-play integration, meaning that the vast majority of people using keyboard controllers now have full access to Ignite—for free. Ignite supported keyboards now include:

Q Series (25, 49, 61, 88)
QX Series (25, 49, 61)
AKAI Professional
MAX (25, 49)
MPK Mini
LPK 25

AXIOM AIR Series (Mini 32, 25, 29, 61)
AXIOM II Series (25, 49, 61)
AXIOM Pro Series (25, 49, 61)
Keystation Mini32
Keystation es Series (49es, 61es, 88es)
Oxygen (3rd Generation – 25, 49, 61, 88)

Ignite v1.2 is available via download to owners and purchasers of these supported products. In addition to keyboard controllers, Ignite will also be included with a select group of audio interfaces including the new M-Audio M-Track Series and the popular Maudio Vocal Studio.

In addition to its intuitive workflow and comprehensive keyboard controller support, Ignite provides over 275 superior instruments sounds created by AIR Music Technology. Smart MIDI Chord and Phrase Players are available to build texture and complexity. Ignite also features stereo audio recording and audio playback, along with a number of effects and audio editing tools. Ignite v1.2 provides a unique interface that eliminates distraction, presenting the tools needed for each step of the process and nothing more. Selecting instruments, recording, editing MIDI in the Piano Roll view, trimming audio clips, and the organizing and arranging of clips can all be performed in a clean, inviting interface with straightforward controls and zero clutter.

Ignite WAV and MIDI files can be exported and imported into any DAW recording software. Sharing of songs and ideas is available through SoundCloud.