Alesis Announces OS Version 1.21 For Fusion Keyboards

Alesis announces the availability of the Version 1.21 operating system upgrade for the Fusion 6HD and 8HD keyboard workstations. With the addition of pattern-based sequencing capability, new sounds, and new groove mixes, this free update is a must have for all Fusion workstation owners.

With the new OS V1.21 update, Alesis adds pattern-based sequencing to the Fusion's already formidable arsenal of creative tools—making drum machine-style sequencing a reality. Now, musicians can loop any section within a sequence for all parts and for any determined number of measures. Further, musicians can record new MIDI tracks while the sequencer is looping—so there is no waiting that could impede the creative process during those inspired moments.

Also new is the addition of more new sounds. Throughout the month of February, Alesis will provide (as free downloads) Hollow Sun 01—a series of sound data from the highly acclaimed Hollow Sun Nostalgia library. This initial release contains electronic keyboard instruments from the past, including a variety of popular electronic piano sounds, electronic strings, and an assortment of synthesizer sounds.

The new OS V1.21 update also includes an update to the Fusion's Preset 5. This new download adds a collection of new GrooveMixes—including esoteric and hip hop mixes. Further, there are a substantial number of new programs added to the existing Preset 5 bank.

The new Fusion V1.21 operating system update is freely downloadable from the Alesis company website ( Information on this update and links are available at the Fusion's dedicated website

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