Alesis Announces Pro X Hi-­Hat

Patented Dual-Cymbal Controller
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Alesis (, the fastest growing brand in electronic percussion, announces availability of Pro X Hi­-Hat, a patented dual­ cymbal hi-­hat controller with true open, half­open, closed, “chick”, and splash triggering capability.

Designed to offer authentic hi-­hat playability and unprecedented trigger response with Alesis’ groundbreaking DM10, DM8, and DM Dock, Pro X Hi-­Hat mimics the movement, placement and feel of an acoustic hi-­hat with the flexibility of an electronic drum pad. Compatible with acoustic hi-­hat stands, the Pro X Hi-­Hat’s design makes it the first electronic drum pad to realistically emulate the feel of a dual ­cymbal system. Based on the type of contact made with Pro X Hi­-Hat, the drummer will experience the same level of controlled variation an acoustic hi­-hat offers.

“Pro X Hi-­Hat gives electronic drummers the authentic hi­-hat experience they have been missing,” says Product Manager Craig Reeves. “We are proud to be first ­to­ market in offering this breakthrough technology to our DM10 and DM8 drummers at a breakthrough price.”


  • 12” single ­zone top and bottom cymbals
  • Natural hi ­hat playability and feel
  • Create open, half­ open, closed, "chick," and splash sounds
  • Compatible with standard hi­ hat stands
  • Includes top cymbal, bottom cymbal, clutch, cables, and position sensor
  • Integrates seamlessly with Alesis DM10, DM8 and DM Dock

Pro X Hi-­Hat is available from authorized Alesis dealers with a street price of $99.99.