Alesis Announces Version 1.20 Update For Fusion Workstations

Alesis announces the availability of the free Version 1.20 update for the company’s recently introduced Fusion 6HD and 8HD keyboard workstations. With a combination of new sound data, a number of significant new functions, and additional software that facilitates greater compatibility with commercially available sample data, this new update is a must have for Fusion owners.

Delivering on the company’s promise to continually expand the Fusion’s sound palette, the V1.20 update provides a broad range of new sounds that can be downloaded to the Fusion’s hard drive. With a wide assortment of pianos, strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, and synthesized timbres, Preset 5 is a hard drive-based bank of sounds that take advantage of the Fusion’s new synthesis features and add more sonic variety—enabling keyboard players to use the Fusion in more musical applications.

With four types of synthesis, the Fusion’s sound capabilities have always been stellar, and now V1.20 up’s the ante once again with the addition of several new synthesis functions. The Fusion’s filter capabilities get a boost with the addition of the RP low pass filter derived from Alesis’ popular Ion synthesizer and three formant filters. The Fusion now facilitates up to four sample oscillator layers per Program as well as up to four insert effects per Program. There is also a new parameter that has been added to the oscillator to have it reset its sample in monophonic legato mode.

Also part of the V1.20 update, two new process functions have been added to Sampler Mode: “Quantize Region” and “Reverse Region”. These functions enable programmers to change the bit rates of samples from 1 to 15 bit (Quantize Region) and reverse samples (Reverse Region.).

To help performers gain the most from their Fusion’s phrase sequence arpeggiator, the V1.20 upgrade includes two new keyboard modes: “Mono Low” and “Mono High”. These keyboard types follow the lowest /highest key currently being played in an arpeggiation—enabling greater variety by simply changing the chord inversion.

The Fusion’s sampling playback capabilities get a boost with the V1.20 update as well. Included is a new software program called Fusion Converter that enables users to convert various sample format libraries into Fusion format. Supported formats include WAV, AIFF, and Akai programs for S1000/S3000/S5000 (samples and program data), as well as soundfonts. Fusion Converter reads the supported file formats and converts the data to the Fusion’s format. Sound data transfers to the Fusion are made via high speed USB 2.0. A Macintosh version of Fusion Converter will be available shortly.

The free V1.20 update is downloadable from—Alesis’ website dedicated to all aspects of the Fusion workstations. Audio samples of the Fusion’s sounds are also available here in MP3 format for prospective customers to audition.

Commenting on the Fusion’s new V1.20 update, Mark Frederick, Alesis’ VP of Sales and Marketing, noted, “All of us at Alesis are very excited about this new update, as it represents a significant increase in capabilities for Fusion workstation owners. Of equal importance, this update is just one in an ongoing series of updates planned for this versatile keyboard. We intend to enhance the Fusion’s sounds and functionality on an ongoing basis—enabling the instrument to continually provide new capabilities to its owners.”

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