Alesis Ships MasterControl

Alesis has begun shipping its new MasterControl audio interface and control surface.
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Alesis has begun shipping its new MasterControl audio interface and control surface ($1,299 MSRP, $899.99 Street). The MasterControl offers 44.1–192 kHz recording capability via low-latency FireWire and control of HUI-compatible digital audio workstations and external MIDI devices.

Its input section consists of two XLR inputs with phantom power and channel inserts, six TRS line inputs, and expansion capability. With the optional S/PDIF and dual S/MUX ADAT Lightpipe inputs, 26 simultaneous inputs are possible. As for outputs, six analog outputs are configurable for use with 5.1 surround, three sets of stereo pairs, or six discrete outputs. A stereo headphone output is also provided for an additional mix reference. The unit also offers dedicated speaker switching, which lets you dynamically select between multiple monitors to check mixes on different speakers or in different rooms.

Each channel has dedicated Solo, Record Enable, Mute and Select buttons for easy access to essential channel functions. The large, multifunction jog wheel can be used to shuttle, zoom, and enter data. Furthermore, nine 100 mm motorized faders and a dedicated transport-control section provide access to crucial recording operations. Two banks of eight assignable buttons enable you to customize functionality for commonly used actions such as markers, loop points, and automation modes.

In addition, eight 360-degree assignable virtual potentiometers with 3 banks each allow you to control 24 different parameters for control nearly any DAW. Removable, customizable templates provide a visual overview of all preset operations. All presets are fully editable and configurable. The MasterControl also includes a talkback microphone; a complete MIDI interface; a Preview button enabling review of knob, button and fader settings before sending them to DAW software; Steinberg Cubase LE 4; and Ableton Live Lite 7.

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