Alesis Ships USB Pro Drum Kit

Alesis is now shipping the USB Pro Drum Kit.
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Alesis is now shipping the USB Pro Drum Kit (Mac/Win; $799), a new electronic drum kit designed to take advantage of the power of the computer for sound generation.

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The drum set combines the Alesis Trigger|iO trigger-to-MIDI interface with drum pads and Surge Cymbals. Its dual-zone snare pad, three dual-zone tom pads, and kick pad each feature an 8-inch mylar, tension-adjustable drumhead and a 2.3 mm triple-flanged counterhoop that mirrors the feel of acoustic drums. The Surge Cymbals are true, lathed cymbals (rather than rubber pads) that are made of brass cymbal alloy and feature built-in triggers. This drum set also offers a 12-inch Hi-Hat, a 13-inch Crash with choke capability, and a 16-inch dual-zone Ride with choke capability. The USB Pro Drum Kit comes with FXpansion BFD Lite sound-generation software.

Furthermore, Alesis has created a special configuration file that optimizes its SR18 for use as a drum-sound module for use with the USB Pro Drum Kit. Using SR18 as a sound source enables users to take advantage of a host of special features. To get started, users need only a MIDI cable and a custom configuration file, available as a free download from the company's Web site. For more information, please visit