Alexander Publishing Releases Video Course on Virtual Orchestral Mixing

Lecture Series Include 17 Custom Impulse Responses
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Alexander Publishing has released Visual Orchestration 3: DOING The Basic Virtual Orchestral Mix video lecture series (, that teaches step-by-step how to create a professional sounding orchestral mix using orchestral sample libraries. Learners are given hands-on exercises with the inclusion of 17 custom Impulse Responses, created by Numerical Sound of Toronto, that emulate the core features of a professional reverb unit. “This is the first time an audio course like this has been taught which also includes the tools for hands-on learning,” said Alexander Publishing CEO, Peter Alexander.

Running 4 hours and 12 minutes, Visual Orchestration 3 reviews the major orchestral libraries, where they were recorded, and the RT60 (reverb tail) for each room. Experimenting with the provided custom impulse responses gives hands-on understanding of how to match libraries recorded in different rooms.

Also taught is stage placement (left to right and front to rear), and the tools used for spatial placement. By course end, viewers will have learned how to setup their own orchestral template with multiple libraries that’s both pre-panned and pre-mixed before production begins.

The 17 custom Impulse Responses include 5 sets of Early Reflections that work with all the major orchestral libraries; 3 TILT Filters that apply EQ to the majority of virtual orchestral instruments (including the complete string and brass sections); and 4 Reverb Tails covering the small studio up to a larger recording studio.

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