Alienware Rolls Out Acoustic Dampening Upgrade to Reduce Noise on High-Performance Desktop Systems

The new package will include ultra quiet chassis fans as well as Alienware’s exclusive acoustic absorption matting.

Alienware®, a leading manufacturer of high-performance systems, has rolled out a new option for its line of high performance desktop systems, an option that will significantly reduce the overall noise of the systems in the studio and home environment. Systems configured with the Acoustic Dampening System will be outfitted with Alienware’s revolutionary acoustic absorption matting, as well as low-noise system fans, for measurably decreased internal chassis decibel (dB) levels. Starting at only $99, the Acoustic Dampening System will be made available on all high-performance desktop systems.

“PC noise levels have become an increasing concern for computer users. As computer components become progressively faster, the mechanisms used to cool them have become exponentially louder,” said Nestor Villalobos, Product Manager for Workstations for Alienware Corporation. “Alienware has worked with several partners in order to develop the Acoustic Dampening System to significantly reduce overall system noise levels”

Alienware’s exclusive acoustic absorption matting consists of 4mm of soft cellular foam padding that is built into the system chassis to reduce the noise generated by high-performance components such as graphics cards, processors and hard drives.

In addition, Alienware’s 92mm, 120mm and 80mm ultra-quiet chassis fans are designed to be over 80% quieter than standard case fans. Featuring double ball bearings, these fans offer extended life, reduced noise, and high levels of airflow. Operating at noise levels as low as 21 dBA, and moving up to 54 cubic feet per minute of airflow, these virtually silent fans offer significant performance gains.

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