Alt and Modern Rock III

Another acoustic rock drum loop CD? Yes, but you get 11 construction kits (614MB) with groove and one-shot endings, and 83MB of individual hits for $25.99.
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The 24-bit sounds are crisp and well recorded, with enough room ambience to give some “air,” but “dry” enough to accommodate adding reverb. There’s no overkill compression or EQ, either. The loops are logically arranged as grooves and fills; while there’s no documentation, the loop names are intuitive. The style is rock, but there’s one folder each for shuffled, triplet, and funk grooves.

Unfortunately, like many other “acidized” CDs, the acidization is sloppy. Many slice markers are ahead of the hit, producing flamming with slower tempos; and there need to be more slice markers in some parts to minimize audio artifacts. To use these loops at slower tempos, or “mix and match” with loops from other folders, you’ll need to edit many of the markers to preserve sound quality.

Still, these are extremely useable loops that slide right into rock tracks, and minimal processing gives you lots of latitude. If you already have rock drum CDs, this one offers no revelations. But if you need rock drums, you can’t beat the value for money.