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3RD Power Amplification announced its first rack-based system, the SV3015 stereo valve power amplifier. The SV3015 is a 2RU unit featuring four EL34 and three 12AX7 vacuum tubes, with selectable output of 30 or 15 watts of pure tube power.
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3RD Power Amplification SV3015 Stereo Valve Power Amplifier
3RD Power Amplification announced its first rack-based system, the SV3015 stereo valve power amplifier. The SV3015 is a 2RU unit featuring four EL34 and three 12AX7 vacuum tubes, with selectable output of 30 or 15 watts of pure tube power. The SV3015 offers a choice of 15- or 30-watt operation, with each output section independently selectable. Thus, one channel can be set up at 15W for overdrive sounds, giving more output stage compression and harmonics, with the other simultaneously providing a clean 30W sound with more headroom. The SV3015 design incorporates two distinct gain stages, starting with a clean tube preamp stage followed by a traditional tube output. Operation is intuitive, with separate volume, presence, and Push controls for both channels. Retail: $1,699.
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3RD Power Switchback 212
The Switchback 212 is a rectangular cabinet with a pair of premium Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeakers, each housed in its own triangular chamber, eliminating the standing waves and boxy sound inherent in conventional cabinet design. In addition, the Switchback 212 features removable vent lids on the back, allowing the user to achieve either open- or closed-back operation, or a simultaneous combination of the two. The cabinet handles 120W of mono power (or dual 60W stereo). Impedance is 8 ohms mono/16 ohms stereo. The Switchback 212 measures 29x20.5x14 inches and weighs 62 pounds.
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Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL, SVT-810E, SVT-410HLF
The all-new Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL, Heritage SVT-810E and Heritage SVT-410HLF heads deliver massive, all-tube power using premium JJ tubes for the preamp stage and “Winged C” power tubes. The Heritage SVT-CL pushes 300 watts of power, which is perfect for the companion cabinets. The Heritage SVT-810E and SVT-410HLF both feature custom U.S.-made Eminence drivers that meet the exact specifications of the original SVT speakers. The enclosures are built using rugged 15mm birch plywood.
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Ampeg PRO NEO Series
The all-new Ampeg PRO NEO Series of compact bass enclosures deliver amazing power and tone in an extremely lightweight, ultra-modern package. All models are full-range and come in a variety of speaker configurations, including 4x10-inch (PN-410HLF), 2x10-inch (PN-210HLF) and a single 15-inch (PN-115HLF). Tuned by the touring experts at Eastern Acoustic Works and subject to comprehensive post-assembly testing, each and every PRO NEO enclosure meets rigid sonic and cosmetic requirements. Perfect for high-output Ampeg heads like the SVT-7PRO and SVT-8PRO, PRO NEO Series enclosures can easily handle the massive power of a modern head, but don''t rely on unnecessarily heavy magnets to do so
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Ampeg SVT-PRO Series
The two new heads within the SVT-PRO Series (SVT-7PRO, SVT-8PRO) are in rack-mountable units. The SVT-7PRO pumps a kilowatt of pure Ampeg tone in a compact design that weighs just 15 pounds. The SVT-7PRO offers pro features, including a flexible 5-position mid tone control, remote switching FX loop and a sleek onboard variable compressor. The tube preamp boasts a premium JJ 12AX7 that feeds the Class-D power section. The SVT-8PRO delivers up to 2,500W of RMS power in a compact, lightweight design. The all-tube preamp, lightweight Class-D power section and classic Ampeg tone controls create a compact powerhouse that fits in two rackspaces without sacrificing one bit of legendary Ampeg tone.
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Bag End PS15X-D Bass Instrument System
Bag End Loudspeaker System's very popular single-15 bass instrument system is now available in a self-powered version, the PS15X-D. The system packs a lot of sound into a relatively small cabinet, thanks to the company's exclusive technology that provides high-fidelity in a compact enclosure. The PS15X-D offers the same great fidelity and reliability of the passive system, including the very robust co-ax AX-HI high-frequency driver and crossover system. Adding the internal Minima One amplifier ensures the system has the power required to reach high dynamic levels without overload. The input sensitivity of the Minima One allows for active instruments to drive it directly, or alternatively allows for use with an optional preamp offering tone and features that the musician may prefer. The Minima One is a highly efficient 1,000W amp that adds only five pounds to the total package, making the self-powered system virtually the same weight as the passive system.
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Crest Audio E-Lite 1800
Crest Audio proudly debuts the E-Lite Series power amplifiers with the E-Lite 1800 and E-Lite 1800 DSP, featuring an incredibly lightweight, efficient design with high power and stable performance down to 2-ohm loads. Crest Audio E-Lite Series amps are built on an advanced, high-speed Class-D design with a switch-mode power supply that reduces weight while increasing reliability, thermal efficiency and output power. The E-Lite 1800 and E-Lite 1800 DSP boast 900 watts per channel, weigh less than 10 pounds and deliver rock-solid performance in parallel, stereo and bridged modes. The Crest Audio E-Lite 1800 DSP features an onboard digital signal processor that hosts a suite of delays (0 to 120ms per channel), adjustable crossover, adjustable limiter, parametric EQ, HF driver EQ, four user-preset storage locations and stereo/mono operation with lockable security settings. The front panel LCD screen allows users to quickly identify and assign presets, while the USB port allows users to load presets and enables external setup and adjustment. The E-Lite DSP section also integrates Waves' MaxxBass Bass Extension technology, which uses psychoacoustics to create precise harmonic overtones that give the perceived effect of adding low frequencies to the mix.
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Hartke Systems HX112 HyDrive
The HX112 HyDrive cabinet is a lightweight, powerful solution that makes life easy for performing bassists everywhere. HyDrive speakers fuse traditional paper and aluminum cones, giving players the warmth of paper and the punchy attack of aluminum. The HX112 features a single 12-inch, 300-watt HyDrive hybrid cone driver and a high-frequency compression driver in a specially tuned, ported bass cabinet that weighs less than 30 pounds. The cabinet is dual-impedance, allowing a user to switch between 4- and 8-ohm impedances. This cab also features inset side handles, removable casters and a steel grille for safe and easy transport.
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Lockard 187 Recording Amp
New from Murder by Tone is the Lockard 187, an all-new, vintage toned guitar amp designed specifically for studio recording applications. Beta tested on a number of top session recordings with major artists, the amp combines an 8-watt tube head with a separate 2x12 closed-back cabinet. The 20x3x12-inch (HxWxD) enclosure has Celestion 25-watt Greenbacks or Vintage 30 speakers. The Class-A, single-channel, point-to-point hand-wired amplifier section takes a minimalist design approach; controls are limited to volume and tone knobs, with overdrive and timbre shaping determined by the degree of pushing the 8-watt circuit. The rear panel of the amp head has a speaker out, a direct output and a link that permits multiple amp setups.
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