Andrew Philpott Crafts A Unique Sonic Pallete Using Eventide’s Anthology II Bundle

Known for his long time association and programming, production and writing with Depeche Mode, programmer/producer Andrew Philpott has been involved with a number of musical projects over the course of his storied tenure in the business. During this time, Philpott has accumulated a large quantity of gear and instruments to help him achieve unique sounds and effects time and time again. One of the newer additions to his technical repertoire has been the addition of the Eventide Anthology II TDM plug-in bundle.

Philpott uses the Eventide plug-ins on a number of his current projects. In particular, Philpott uses the Reverb plug-in to give instrumental sound, especially drums and synthesizers, a unique sound that separates them from anything else available. “Within the Anthology II bundle, the Reverb plug-in has great tails and plates,” says Philpott. “This plug-in makes it very easy for me to EQ the track both pre- and post-reverberator. I’m particularly fond of the entire bundle and find it to be very useful and true to the original processors. It’s really outstanding.”

Philpott says that he also uses the H910 and H949 plug-ins quite frequently, specifically to fatten up drum sounds through hard panning between the right and left speakers. Philpott also enjoys using the H3000 plug-ins for giving guitars an added layer of sound that makes them sound much fuller.

Philpott also says that the built-in functionality of the plug-ins and their ability to be quickly accessed via computer is a solid asset. “One of the features of having these effects as plug-ins that I find to be most useful is the fact that you can open multiple windows in a single session and access multiple features and functions at once. It greatly reduces production time and enables me to do a lot more in each session.”

Available for Pro Tools TDM for Mac and PC, the Anthology II bundle includes Eventide’s most popular effects spanning the last 35 years of effects making, including the original products from the 1970s, the H3000, up to the current flagship H8000. Anthology II is comprised of all fifteen Eventide plug-ins: H3000 Band Delays™, the H3000 Factory™, H910, H949, Omnipressor®, Instant Phaser™, and Instant Flanger™; Eventide Reverb, Octavox™, Quadravox™, EQ45 Parametric Equalizer, EQ65 Filter Set, E-Channel™ and Ultra-Channel™ channel strips, and Precision Time Align™. Eventide is offering a limited time upgrade special offer through September 23, 2006: Anthology owners may upgrade for $249 (regularly $299). Clockworks Legacy™ owners may upgrade for $429 (regularly $499). Any MassivePack, Octavox, Eventide Reverb or H3000 Band Delay owner may upgrade to Anthology II for $699 (regularly $799). Anthology II is available for $1,195 MSRP through authorized Eventide dealers, at, and outside North America through authorized Pro Tools dealers.

About Eventide

Founded in 1971 in New York City, Eventide is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance. Headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide invented the H910, the first Harmonizer® effects processor in 1975, and introduced the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor in 1988. Visit Eventide on the Web at