Announcing Bitwig Studio 2

The Planned Release date of Bitwig Studio 2 is February 28th, 2017
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The new year brings big news from Bitwig HQ. After extensive research and development we've now reached the next big milestone on our journey. Bitwig Studio 2 is very close to completion, and we’re excited to share some details with you.

Released back in 2014, Bitwig Studio 1 was the first music production software to combine linear and non-linear sequencing on Windows, macOS and Linux. Combining cutting edge technologies like plug-in crash protection and a highly flexible user interface, alongside a lightning fast workflow experience for keyboard, mouse and touch screens, Bitwig Studio has attracted a large and steadily growing user base all over the world.

The planned release date of Bitwig Studio 2 is February 28th, 2017.

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Before public release, we’ll be submitting the beta version to a round of rigorous testing - and that phase starts now. Bitwig Studio 1 license holders can apply for a beta license now on our website.
Wishing you a great start in 2017 from the whole Bitwig team!

Mea, Dom, Genys, Falko, Nick, Fredrik, Volker, Claes, Radomir, Placidus, Sebastian and Alexandre