Announcing Sonik Instruments - SampleMoog, SampleTron, and Studiophonik virtual instrument plug-ins

IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality are proud to announce their latest collaborative effort, Sonik Instruments, a series of virtual instrument plug-ins dedicated to focused collections of rare and top-of-the-line instruments and sounds. The first announced of this series are SampleMoog, SampleTron, and Studiophonik.

Each of these Sonik Instruments offers a full synth-sampler engine powered by SampleTank with an inspiring customized graphic interface and a full range of built-in multi effects. 16 multi-timbral parts, 4 insert effects and 4 send effects per part, selectable among more than 30 high-quality effects (with algorithms derived from IK¹s award winning T-RackS and AmpliTube), fast loading and low-CPU demands, VST/AU/RTAS and stand-alone availability are only some of the high-end features that each of these Sonik Instruments is able to offer. Moreover, all Sonik Instrument sounds can also be loaded within SampleTank 2.5, making it possible to expand your workstation to unbelievable proportions.

SampleMoog is the most complete collection of Moog sounds ever released in one product, done in cooperation with Moog Music Inc®. This virtual instrument takes you back in time to the days of analog and honors one of the founding fathers of synthesis, Bob Moog. SampleMoog includes 22 rare, collectible Moog synths, accurately sampled and programmed with the addition of built-in effects. This sample-based product offers a wide range of basses, leads, pads, and effects from monstrous Moog Modulars® to rare Minimoogs® to Taurus Bass Pedals, Polymoogs, Memorymoogs and more ­ virtually the entire range of Moog synthesizers in a single product. An homage to the incredible history of vintage, keyboard instruments from the first Moog Theremin to the latest Minimoog Voyager, this plug-in is a must-have for any fan of the ³Moog Sound.²

SampleTron offers the most diverse collection of ³Tron² sounds ever released in one product. It has samples of 18 rare, vintage keyboard instruments such as Mellotrons, Optigans, Chamberlins and other related ³Tron² family instruments. These ³Trons² were ingenious keyboards made in the 60¹s that were the predecessors of today¹s samplers, with the capability of reproducing many natural sounds that were recorded on tapes or disks and activated by keys. Brought to you from the personal archives of Dave Kerzner, CEO of Sonic Reality, this unique virtual instrument includes rare sounds Dave has sampled with artists such as Crowded House, Smashing Pumpkins, Tom Waits and more. SampleTron gives you more creative control over the sound than any other software vintage keyboard instrument. Combi instruments allow you to build extremely complex sound layering for powerful lo-fi orchestral soundscapes. SampleTron not only has traditional classic and progressive rock sounds such as the ³Strawberry Fields Forever² flute and sounds used by the Moody Blues, Yes, and Genesis, but also includes unusual quirky sounds that today¹s alternative, rock, hip-hop and film composers are in search of.

Studiophonik is a virtual instrument plug-in dedicated to reproducing the diverse sounds and instrumentation of full guitar, bass and drum bands recorded in high-end studios and includes a diverse collection of incredibly realistic instruments. It¹s like having three plug-ins in one, putting a complete studio with the ultimate selection of top-of-the-line and collectible vintage guitars, basses and drums right at your fingertips.

Studiophonik combines high-quality studio drum, bass and guitar instruments with powerful built-in modeled studio effects of the SampleTank engine to bring you a unique ³virtual band² instrument like no other. Studiophonik also gives you deeper control of pickups, microphones, performance nuances and mixing for the ultimate studio instrument expression. With more control over the sound, you can adjust ambient mics on drums, change pickups on guitars and basses in real-time and process them internally with vintage modeled compressors, EQ, limiters, guitar amps, phasers, flangers, delays, reverbs and more. Studiophonik includes over 30 high-quality instruments with a wide range of brands offering one of the most authentic and diverse collections of guitar, bass and drums.


SampleMoog includes:

Modular Moog® System 15
Modular Moog® System 55 (921)
Modular Moog® System 3C (901)
Musonic Minimoog® (DK)
RA Moog Minimoog® (SS)
Minimoog® Model D
Taurus I Pedals
Taurus II Pedals
Realistic MG-1
Opus 3™
Sonic 6™
Minimoog® Voyager®
Little Phatty®

SampleTron includes:

Mellotron® M400
Mellotron® MK5
Mellotron® MKII
Mellotron® Powerhouse (8 Track Rhythm Machine)
Vako Orchestron®
Chamberlin™ Music Master 600
Chamberlin™ Music Master 400
Chamberlin™ Model 200
Chamberlin™ M1
Chamberlin™ M4
Chamberlin™ Rhythmate™
360 Systems® "Digital Tron"
Roland® VP-330 (Choir)

Studiophonik includes:

Ayotte® Kit
60s Ludwig Pearl® "Ringo-style Kit"
Vintage Ludwig® "Bonham-style Kit"
Vintage Gretsch® "Soul Kit"
Sonor® Design Kit
Premier® "Collins-style Kit"
Pearl® "Rock Kit"
DW® Pacifica Kit
Vintage Ludwig® "Jazz Kit"
Gretsch® "Blues Kit"
Tama® Star Classic Kit
Gretsch® Duo Jet
40s Leedy™ Kit

Fender® Jazz Bass
1962 Fender® P-Bass
70s Rickenbacker® 4001 Bass
Sadowsky® 5 String
Sting Ray® 5 String
Modulus® 6 String
Chapman™ Stick
Lakeland™ 5 String Fretless
Fender® Tele Bass
Hofner® "Beatle Bass"

1950sFender® Telecaster/Broadcaster
1957 Gibson® Les Paul®
1960s Dan Electro™ Convertible
1962 Fender® Stratocaster®
Vintage Gibson® 335 Hollow Body
Vintage Gibson® SG Double Neck
Guild® "Brian May" Guitar
Rickenbacker® 12 String
Vintage Martin® 6 String Acoustic
Larrivée® 6 String Acoustic
Taylor® 12 String Acoustic

Price & Availability
Sonik Instruments will be available during the second quarter of 2007. More detailed information about the pricing of Sonik Instruments will be online soon.

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