Announcing the Pittsburgh Modular Detect Module

Convert the Dynamic Fluctuations of an Audio Signal into Control Voltage
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Envelope Follower Module
Suggested Retail Price - $99

Convert the dynamic fluctuations of an audio signal into control voltage. The Detect is a utility envelope follower module that generates gate and envelope signals based on the overall level of an incoming signal.

The attack and decay controls allow precise control over the response time of the envelope follower circuit, allowing for independent sharp to smooth control over both the rise and fall readings of the incoming waveform.

Gate threshold sets the level that the incoming audio must exceed for the Detect to generate a gate signal. Once the gate threshold has been exceeded, the input level must drop below the gate threshold before a new gate signal can be created.


  • Attack Control - Sets the attack or rise time of the envelope output.
  • Decay Control - Sets the decay or fall time of the envelope output.
  • Gate Threshold Control - Sets the trigger point for the gate output. An audio signal with a level exceeding the gate threshold will trigger a gate at the Gate Out jack.


  • INPUT Jack - Audio input.
  • ENV OUT Jack - CV output based on amplitude of audio input.
  • GATE OUT Jack - Gate output triggered by audio input level exceeding the level set by the gate threshold control.

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