Antares Audio Technologies Announces Auto-Tune Evo

Antares has released its Auto-Tune Evo pitch correction plug-in.
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Antares Audio Technologies has released its Auto-Tune Evo (Mac/Win; $399 Native, $649 TDM) pitch correction plug-in.

According to the manufacturer, Auto-Tune Evo corrects the pitch of a voice or solo instrument in real-time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving the original performance's expressive nuances. Auto-Tune Evo includes Automatic mode for real-time pitch correction, and Graphical mode that displays the pitch envelope of the audio to be corrected along with a selection of graphical tools to manipulate the performance's pitch.

With Evo Voice Processing Technology, this version of Auto-Tune offers new features and capabilities along with pitch detection and correction that is said to be more accurate and reliable over a wider range of audio input quality.

Other new features include a redesigned user interface; reorganized common controls; real-time pitch shifting, formant correction, and throat modeling in Automatic mode (in Native versions); and a resizable window, note-based pitch correction and pitch shifting, object-based Retune Speed settings, real-time display of output pitch, programmable keyboard shortcuts, a Pitch Graph display mode, improved pitch displays, and nudge controls for pitch correction objects in Graphical mode.

Auto-Tune Evo is available for TDM, RTAS, VST, and AU hosts. All Mac versions are Universal Binaries. For more information, visit