Antares Technologies Introduces Auto-Tune™ EFX+

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Antares Technologies has just introduced the Auto-Tune EFX+ plug-in, which it claims "delivers stunning effects on any vocal track—ranging from subtle enhancements to extreme vocal mutations and transformations." Over 100 effects patches are included, some created by producers like Mike Dean, Richard Devine and Jeff Rona. Auto-Tune EFX+ utilizes low latency technology which allows direct tracking through the plug-in, and even performing live.

Price and availability
Auto-Tune EFX+ is available from May 28, 2019, for $199.
Owners of any previous Auto-Tune EFX version can upgrade for $69. If the purchase was made on March 1, 2019 or later, the upgrade to Auto-Tune EFX+ is free.

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