Antelope Audio Zen Tour

A desktop interface that’s ready to travel
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Aimed at working guitarists, Antelope Audio’s Zen Tour interface is built into a sexy desktop package small enough to take on the road. Boasting four Combo mic/line and four line/instrument inputs, the Zen Tour can serve as the hub for a jam or recording session. Connectivity includes Thunderbolt, USB, S/PDIF I/O, ADAT I/O, and eight analog line outputs. Separate mixes can be routed to the two headphone outputs, and it offers two pairs of monitor speaker outputs.

Onboard guitar amp models and effects include emulations of classic analog gear, and Antelope’s FPGA technology provides Zen Tour with parallel processing capabilities that yield extremely low latency levels. Zen Tour can be controlled from the front-panel, iPhone or Android apps, or using Antelope’s Zen Tour Launcher for Windows or Mac OS. It offers a lot of power for the money, and yet it’ll easily fit into your carry-on bag. Now that’s a winner!