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Apogee Announces JAM 96k Guitar Interface for iOS

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Apogee Electronics is pleased to introduce JAM 96k, a new professional guitar interface for iPad, iPhone and Mac. JAM 96k lets you easily connect your guitar to your iPhone, iPad or Mac, whether you’re on-the-go or in the most advanced recording studio. Its circuitry is designed to reproduce the unique interaction between guitar and tube amp, resulting in an authentic tone and responsive feel from any guitar or music creation app you choose. For beginners to the most seasoned guitar players, JAM 96k delivers an inspiring experience for practicing, recording, or just jamming.

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The original pro guitar interface for iOS
JAM was first introduced in 2011 alongside iPad 2 and GarageBand for iPad as part of Apple’s keynote presentation, marking the start of the iOS music recording revolution. Since then, JAM has become the standard for both aspiring and professional musicians. Its design and studio-quality sound inspired many imitators to follow in the iOS recording market.

What’s new
The new JAM 96k features tube amp tone emulation and a beautiful nickel-plated finish. JAM 96k also provides the ability to make higher fidelity recordings – up to 24-bit/96kHz – and includes an iOS Lighting cable in the box. Like its predecessor, JAM 96k also includes an iOS 30-pin cable and Mac USB cable.

For more information, please visit http://www.apogeedigital.com

JAM 96k Highlights
PureDIGITAL instrument connection delivers pristine sound quality
Designed for electric guitar, bass and acoustic instrument with a pickup
Discrete Class A Input stage emulates the tone and responsive feel of a classic guitar amp
Nickel plated finish
Up to 96kHz, 24-bit analog-to-digital recording
Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac
Includes iOS Lightning cable, iOS 30-pin cable, Mac USB cable
Simple setup, you can start recording in minutes
Control knob allows easy input level adjustment
Multicolor LED for status indication and input level monitoring
Studio quality instrument preamp with up to 40dB of gain
No batteries or external power required
Made in the U.S.A.

Price: $129 USD