Winter NAMM, Anaheim, California, January 24, 2018 - At the 2018 Winter NAMM Show (Booth #17901), Apogee will preview their all-new DualPath FX Rack software. Designed specifically for Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element Series audio interfaces, DualPath FX rack provides dynamics and EQ plugin processing that runs both natively in your DAW and on hardware-based DSP in your Apogee interface. With the ability to launch both plugin types from your DAW and link them for parallel operation, DualPath FX plugins make complicated low latency workflows easy. No more switching back and forth between different apps or transferring plugin settings to maintain a consistent sound. DualPath FX Rack is compatible with all major DAWs including Logic, Pro Tools Ableton Live and Cubase.


DualPath FX Rack works exclusively with Apogee's Ensemble Thunderbolt, Element 24, Element 46 and Element 88.

When you don’t have an Ensemble or Element Series connected, DualPath FX Rack plugins can continue to run natively on your computer, no hardware audio interface required so that you may seamlessly move your sessions between people, places and workstations.  


DualPath FX Rack will be available in the Spring of 2018 as part of a free software update for any Ensemble Thunderbolt or Element Series users and will be included as a free download with all Ensemble and Element purchases. 


DualPath FX Rack Plug-in Highlights*:

 • Record with Apogee plugins at near-zero latency

      ◦ 7-band modern EQ offers more versatility than hardware emulations

      ◦ Pultec-style EQ replicates the controls and sound but skips the skeuomorphism 

      ◦ Modern dynamics processor 

      ◦ Vintage compressor

      ◦ De-esser

 • Experience greatly simplified workflow when recording with plugins

      ◦ Open DualPath FX plugins in your DAW and link to hardware input

      ◦ Run DualPath FX plugins completely from your DAW - no need to switch between apps.

      ◦ All DualPath FX settings are stored and recalled within your DAW session.

      ◦ DualPath FX plugins remain active on playback even if Apogee hardware isn’t connected.

 • DualPath FX plugins are a free update for Element and Ensemble owners

      ◦ DSP is already included in your Element and Ensemble interface

 • Compatible with any DAW on your Mac (Optimized for Logic Pro X)

*Features and user interface subject to change