Apogee ONE, Duet, and Quartet Shipping with Lightning Cable

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Apogee Electronics is pleased to announce their ONE, Duet and Quartet audio interfaces are now shipping worldwide with iPad/iPhone Lightning, 30-pin and Mac USB cables, providing direct connectivity to iPad, iPhone and Mac including the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

ONE, Duet and Quartet professional features for iPad and iPhone:

Professional sound quality with Apogee's premium AD/DA conversion and preamps
Direct connection to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad certified by Apple MFi program
Charges iOS device when connected
Maestro control and low-latency mixing software for iOS
Apogee is the first to launch professional audio interfaces with direct iOS connectivity allowing users to connect microphones, electric instruments and speakers for creating studio-quality music on their iPad, iPhone or Mac. With a universe of powerful and affordable music creation apps for iPad, an audio interface is necessary for professional quality recording on this platform.

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Today, professional musicians, songwriters, audio engineers and producers have come to rely on these professional products and features to record some of the biggest name artists in the world on both iPad and Mac.

Apogee ONE for iPad/Mac - 2 IN x 2 OUT audio interface with built-in microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac
Price: $349
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Apogee Duet for iPad/Mac - 2 IN x 4 OUT audio interface for iPad, iPhone and Mac
Price: $649
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Apogee Quartet for iPad/Mac - 4 IN x 8 OUT audio interface and studio control center for iPad, iPhone and Mac
Price: $1395
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