App Tip: Algoriddim Djay Pro

Four decks and video mixing from a single tablet app
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Algoriddim jumped all over iPad Pro support quickly after the super-powerful 12.9” tablet’s release. You don’t need an iPad Pro to use the new Djay Pro for iPad (iOS 8 or later,, but it will help you get the most out of the app’s advanced 4-audio deck, 2-video deck mixing. Djay Pro also supports multichannel audio output and full MIDI integration with certain controllers from Pioneer DJ, Numark, Reloop, and Casio, for a professional performance experience.

1. At launch, Djay Pro’s decks prompt you to load tracks from either your music or video library, from your previous History, or from Spotify. If you have a Spotify Premium membership and high-speed Internet, you can load and mix up to four tracks from Spotify at three choices of streaming resolution (96, 160, or 320kbps).

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2. When mixing with two decks, you have the most control available over the tracks, including eight cue points, several styles of looping, touchpad effects and 3-bad EQ plus HP/LP filter. You can view the decks with colored waveforms and turntables or just waveforms scrolling horizontally or vertically in large or small views.

3. A menu bar button switches the view seamlessly to four decks, where you mix and sync tracks. You lose a control section in this mode, but you gain the Slice mode, which segments each track into four 1-beat slices, which you tap to play back in any rhythm you want.

4. The display menu bar button switches to the video mixing. You can output two 4K video streams simultaneously with four audio tracks, and mix the videos with overlays, effects and the crossfader in tandem with the audio. If you don’t have your own videos, Djay Pro provides five dynamic Visualizers.

5. The app saves your session set lists, which you can export as CSV files for reference. You can also record your audio/video sets at up to 720p HD resolution.

Dig into the iTunes App Store and pull Djay Pro for $29.