App Tip: App Tip: Apple Music Memos

Free quick-record app adds robo-members to your GarageBand
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In case GarageBand for iOS wasn’t simple enough for you, Apple’s new Music Memos for iOS 9.1 or later (, makes it one-touch easy to record your musical ideas while they’re fresh in your mind. After detecting your notes and tempo, the app can add a virtual rhythm section, which you can tweak and save before exporting to GarageBand or Logic for further work.

1. From the main recording screen, touch the tuning fork icon to use the built-in tuner on your axe, voice, etc.

2. Just touch the big circle on the main screen to start and stop recording. When you’re finished, Music Memos detects your chords, and you can play back, name, rate, and add tags to your song.

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3. Touch the bass and/or drums icon below the song to add a rhythm section. Popups give you an x/y touchpad to adjust the ratio between simple/complex and quiet/loud for the bass and drum parts. There are two bass sounds (electric, upright) and two drum kits (vintage, modern).

4. Tape the waveform to enter the Details screen, where you can adjust timing (tempo, signature and downbeat offset), trim the clip, transpose chords, silence the band, and add notes, including the guitar tuning and capo position.

5. The Share button lets you upload your songs to cloud storage, SoundCloud, You-Tube or other apps. Crucially, you can send a song to GarageBand ($3.99), where the song’s audio and instrument parts appear as audio and instrument tracks, respectively, which you you can edit and add to as part of a larger work.

Music Memos is free in the iTunes App Store.