App Tip: Arturia iProphet

Vector synthesis at your fintertips
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Vector synthesis at your fingertips

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS’ one-and-only digital synth—the beloved Prophet VS vector synth—rises anew with the simulation Arturia iProphet for iPad (iOS 7 or later, This adaption retains all the essential features, such as the four oscillators with a joystick mixer for crossfading between them, but preset editing becomes easier with greater hands-on controls and displays. The following steps help you edit vector-morphing presets and then bring iProphet into a larger production environment.

1. Tap on the four red LED Wave displays to choose your four oscillators from 127 waveform types.

2. Tap ENV TIME On to automate the Mixer joystick with an envelope. Now adjust the four Time knobs to control the time between Mixer envelope points while playing notes to hear the changes.

3. In the upper right-hand corner, tap the Vector page button to edit the oscillator frequencies and fine-tuning in the OSCS section (see screenshot). In the Envelope Mixer, drag the envelope points to different spots and hear the changes. Also try some Loop settings to repeat the envelope automation by the number in the Repeat field.

4. To exploit the Mixer envelope’s repetitions, return to the Main screen and tap the AMP ENV display to edit it. Create longer envelope stages to sustain the note.

5. To open iProphet within the free sequencing/ recording TableTop app, open TableTop, start a new session, tap the Keyboard icon in the upper right corner, and then drag iProphet from the device list onto Tabletop to use it with other instruments in full productions.

Hit the iTunes App Store to pick up iProphet for $9.99.