App Tip Derek Buddemeyer Drum Session

Arrange or record a session-style drum track and send it to your DAW
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DRUM SESSION (for iPad with iOS 9.0 or later, features 11 drum styles/genres. Each style has three of its own kits, and each kit has 73 sounds, from the basics of multiple kick and snare sounds to woodblocks, splash, and china cymbals. Each genre has 10-30 groove sets, and each groove set has a tempo and 20 related pattern variations, totaling several thousand well-arranged patterns, from basic and sparse to creative and complex.

1. Begin creating a drum song arrangement by picking a kit, style/genre, and groove/fill set from the pattern selector and then dragging patterns into the timeline. You can also record patterns from scratch in real time or compliment existing patterns by recording from the drum pads and/or piano keyboard. Drum Session works with iPad-compatible MIDI controllers, as well.

2. Drag preset or recorded patterns into the lower controller to open the piano roll editor. Here you can move, copy, paste, delete, and input new notes, as well as snap notes to a specific time division and edit note velocity.

3. You can use the Audiobus app to send Drum Session’s output to hundreds of other apps, or use Inter-app Audio to export MIDI or Audio from Drum Session to iOS DAWs like Cu-basis, Auria Pro, and GarageBand.

4. Hit the export button to send either the entire timeline, loop region, or piano roll into the Audio Copy app to be pasted into other compatible apps, or to send either the audio or MIDI to the iTunes file folder, which you can retrieve on your computer for further use.

Double-time it to the iTunes App Store and get Drum Session for $24.99.