App Tip: Soundness VideoSoap 2

Clean up the audio from your iOS videos
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When you’re a musician or audio pro, people will expect great sound from anything you create—even mobile videos. From the makers of the popular SoundSoap audio restoration software comes VideoSoap (, which builds in certain SoundSoap technology for removing noise and enhancing the audio from your iPad and iPhone videos.

1. Tap the Plus button in VideoSoap to choose a video from your Camera Roll.

2. While playing the video, find a segment that has the noise profile you want to reduce, but not the audio elements you want to keep. Swipe your finger across the video to scrub it backward or forward. While your chosen segment plays, hold the Learn button so the app can examine the noise.

3. VideoSoap will set a point on the Denoise slider based on its Learn assessment of the video’s noise. You can adjust the setting or bypass it for comparison.

4. A Boost slider applies compression to the video’s audio track to boost quieter elements. We recommend dialing in this setting after you find your preferred Denoise setting.

5. As a final step, the Enhance slider adds algorithms for brightening or clearing up the audio. We found that it can be a pleasant touch to the audio track.

6. When you’re satisfied, tap the Share button to save the video back to the Camera Roll, email it, or send it available apps like Dropbox, Vimeo, Facebook, Evernote, etc.

VideoSoap costs $9.99 at the iTunes App Store.